Read it Laterが日本語化してくれる人募集中

200万ユーザーをもつRead It Laterの開発者が、日本語化を手伝ってくれる人を探しています。我はと思わん方は本人に直接コンタクトしてください。

I'm interested in localizing Read It Later entirely to Japanese (everything from the app to all of the documentation).  I've looked at some of the popular translations services (like myGengo) but ideally I'd like to have someone who I can talk with one-on-one and someone who is very familiar with mobile apps / RIL.  Some of the documentation can get very specific and I want to have tighter control on exactly how the messaging comes across.

Basically I'm looking for a native Japanese speaker who is very familiar with iOS apps that would be interested in some part time / contract work helping create localized assets for RIL.

連絡先:Nate Weiner <nate at>

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  1. なにかアリゲータがマスコットになっていそうなサービスだなと思ったけど、そんなマスコットはないのでした.


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