■Business WeekのE-Biz Surprise

Remember those starry-eyed projections in 1999 that had U.S. e-commerce between businesses reaching a staggering $1.3 trillion by 2003? Turns out they were too low. Networked business-to-business transactions now stand at $2.4 trillion, says Forrester Research Inc.

バブルの絶頂の頃の1999年のBtoB ECommerce成長予測は「小さすぎた」ということ。2003年に1.3兆ドルになると言われていたのが2.4兆ドルになる予定。(とはいうものの、予測値にも大きな幅があったのは確かだが)

Forrester’s bold 1999 prediction that U.S. consumer e-commerce would reach $108 billion by 2003 wasn’t so far off. Despite recession, terrorism, and war, the number is expected to come close, at a projected $95 billion this year.


■Benchmark CapitalのWilliam Gurlyの書いたDot-com Double Take(4月24日)

The stock market has certainly awakened. Amazon’s market capitalization has climbed 79 percent in the past year to $9.7 billion. Yahoo, over the same time period, has climbed 63 percent to reach a corporate value of $15 billion. And eBay, the cream of the crop, is up 61 percent to reach a whopping $28.4 billion. Cumulatively, that is more than $50 billion in value for the top three players in this newbie industry, which seemed very un-business as we crashed to earth in late 2000.


一般的な見方をすれば「死んだかと思ったらどっこい生きていたECommerce」ということか。GartnerのアナリストAvivah Litanの言葉を借りれば、”The hype is gone, but the numbers are in.”ミクロに見ても、当地のEcommerce系のアプリ企業の人と話していても、今年の1st quarter位から業績が伸び始めている(今まで生き残ってさえいれば、だが)ので、ECommerceの売上げの伸びが技術投資に回るという健全なサイクルが立ち直ってきている。


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