System Development and Support Engineer

We seek an energetic Senior
Systems Engineer to lead the architecture, specification, design and
implementation of CanestaVision 3D sensor technology into multiple customer
designs. Each design includes Canesta's proprietary 3D sensor ASIC as
well as optical components, infrared light sources, and support logic
destined for mass volume production. The Senior Systems Engineer is
a vital player whose influence spans all Engineering areas within Canesta.

Job Responsibilities

  • Lead the engineering
    vision for system and product architecture using CanestaVision 3D TOF
    (time-of-flight) sensors
  • Translate customer
    requirements and product architecture into a well-written specification,
    detailing each complete system to be created
  • Work with multi-disciplinary
    teams to design all pieces of the system, including complex hardware,
    optics, firmware and application software
  • Ensure that all
    implemented system components meet the specified requirements
  • Drive the creation
    of optimized supporting components using outside suppliers
  • Enhance internal
    system analysis and modeling tools that provide customers with the ability
    to simulate product designs

Minimum Requirements

  • BSEE (MSEE preferred)
  • 7+ years of total
    experience with a minimum of 2 years System Engineering experience in
    a high-volume low-cost organization
  • Excellent communication
    skills, both written and spoken; internal and with customers
  • Proven experience
    working with multi-disciplinary teams on complex products – meeting
  • Fluent in MatLab
  • Must be a self-motivated
    team player
  • Bilingual – Japanese
    and English

Additional Desired Experience

  • CMOS image sensor-based
    system product development
  • Strong HW, SW, firmware
    and/or optics background
  • Successful launch
    into production of 1 to 2 consumer products
  • Experience delivering
    products to customer requirements per schedule

Company Overview

Canesta, Inc. has developed
a revolutionary, low-cost electronic perception technology that enables
everyday devices to “see.” Now, ordinary electronic devices gain
the ability to understand and react to objects and individuals in their
nearby surroundings in real time at extremely low cost, without the
need for gloves or special handheld controllers. The company has achieved
this innovation by reducing three-dimensional (“3D”) image sensing
— a core enabling capability — to a single, low-cost chip which can
be manufactured using a standard CMOS process. Canesta primarily focuses
on two complementary markets: the consumer electronics and automotive
markets. Future opportunities exist in security, robotics, and other
industries; the possibilities are endless. The Company is headquartered
in Silicon Valley and has additional offices in Japan

Contact Information

Please visit Please send your resume to and write

"Senior Systems
" in the subject field.


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